All natural nuts grown on our own ranches in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California in the farming community of Kerman, California. is the on-line presence of RY Ranches in Kerman, California.

Our Farming Community is known world wide as the "Raisin Capital of the World", and is also the heart of the Almond growing region in the Central San Joaquin Valley, where the climate, soil conditions, and Mediterranean winds provide the perfect environment for Almonds and Pistachios. 80 percent of the worlds Almonds are grown right here in the Central Valley of California, and it is the largest export crop from California.

Our Ranch is privately owned and tended with loving care by the owners family. There is no giant "diamond-shaped" co-operative or ruthless "for-profit" corporation calling the shots here! We walk the Orchard ourselves, and do what is best for the trees and nuts, without outside interference. You can count on us for quality!

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