About Quality

All natural nuts grown on our own ranches in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California
in the farming community of Selma, California.

About Quality and Size:

We package and sell only First Grade Number #1 Size Almonds and Pistachios for retail sale to you. All nuts are graded as to size and quality as part of the nut harvesting and processing and packing operations at the ranch. Broken and lesser sized nuts are used for wholesale sales to the food processing and bakery industry where the largest or prettiest nuts may not be a necessity for their purposes. As far as taste goes, the small nut still tastes great, but for snacking it's nice to have a large premium sized nut to munch on!

About the Crop Year:

Our nuts are harvested in early September of each year. We do not sell nuts after the following September from the previous year. If stored correctly, your Almonds and Pistachios will retain their quality over a long period of time. Actually if held at cool temperatures and low relative humidity, it is possible to store them without special techniques for up to one year. If you want the very best storage conditions for your nuts, then keep them in the refrigerator and away from the oxygen in the air in a tightly sealed jar, or better yet use a home vacuum bag sealer machine.